Skyward Directions

Skyward works with any laptop, iPad, or personal device.  On an Android (google play store) and the iPhone (App Store); search for the SKYWARD application and download the free Skyward App to your device.  

To login for the first time:

  1. The LOGIN ID is your first and last name (lowercase, no comma)

  2. The PASSWORD is wawm6300

  3. You will be prompted to change your password.

Note:  If your last name is hyphenated, do not use the hyphen.  

Example:  janedoesmith

Call your School Main Office with questions regarding logins and passwords or if you need assistance.

While most records for Skyward are maintained by the District office (e.g., address changes can only be made at the WAWM Enrollment Center) there are some records that parents maintain to ensure accuracy. 

Maintain Accurate Telephone Numbers
School Messenger is used to send voicemail messages to primary and secondary telephones.  It will only send a message to all three telephone numbers if there is a school emergency.  We ask that parents maintain telephone numbers on Skyward.

  1. Go to Student Info > click on REQUEST CHANGES FOR (YOUR CHILD’S NAME).

  2. Click on FAMILY INFORMATION > click on TELEPHONE to list three telephone contact numbers.

  3. Click save.

Maintain Accurate Email Addresses
School Messenger is also used to send email messages.  Email is used to send important notices, information, and updates.  We ask that parents maintain an accurate email address on Skyward.

  1. Go to Student Info > click on REQUEST CHANGES FOR YOUR CHILD’S NAME.

  2. Click FAMILY INFORMATION > click on HOME EMAIL.  The email address is listed. If it is correct, no changes are necessary.  If an update is needed, enter your email address.

  3. Click save.

Make a Food Service Payment
Parents can make payments for Food Service using Skyward.  Parents can also view transactions.

  1. Go to FOOD Service > click on MAKE A PAYMENT.

  2. Click on PURCHASE FOOD to put money in your child’s food service account.  The program provides payment options. Once selected, they will be added to your cart for check out.

Make a Fee Payment

Parents can make fee payments online.

  1. Go to FEE MANAGEMENT > click on MAKE A PAYMENT.

  2. Click on PURCHASE FEES. Enter an amount and add to selected cart for check out.

View Grade Reports

  1. Go to Skyward

  2. Enter your Login ID

  3. Enter your Password

  4. Click on REPORT CARDS

View Special Education Documents on Skyward

Click here for directions. 

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