Student Health Services

Each school has a District Nurse available to assist your child with their health needs during the school day. If your child has a significant health concern or you have any questions about your child’s health needs during the school day, please contact the District Nursing Department at 604-4000 x1107 or email.

Immunization Requirements
Wisconsin State law requires that every student who is enrolled in school must have evidence of receiving required immunizations or have a signed waiver on file in the school office. Immunizations may be available for West Allis residents at the West Allis Public Health Department. Clinic hours are Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons as well as by appointment. The Health Department Phone Number is 302-8600. 

Illness and Injury
When students are injured or become ill they are cared for in the health room by trained school staff or volunteers. If emergency medical treatment is necessary, we will do our best to contact parents. If parents cannot be reached, the student will be transported by emergency medical services to West Allis Memorial Hospital to await treatment until the parents can be contacted. It is extremely important that parents report changes in work, home or cell phone numbers to the school office so that you can be contacted in the case of an emergency.

Children with a temperature greater than 100 F, diarrhea, vomiting, or an unknown rash are asked to stay home and/or will be sent home until symptoms are absent for a day or cleared for school by their primary care provider.

Students are required to provide a written note from their health care provider to be excused from outdoor recess or gym class.

Medication Policy
District policy requires that student’s must have signed parental consent to take any medication during the school day. Prescription medication must have a completed physician ordered medication administration form. All medications must be in either a pharmacy labeled bottle or a manufacturer’s bottle. Medication forms are available here.