Bus Transportation Precautions 2020-2021

WAWM School Bus Information

The School Board shall generally follow the minimum requirements in providing transportation to and from school according to the state statutes. The following students are eligible for transportation:

1. Students in grades 4K-12 residing in the District who live two or more miles from their neighborhood public school to which they are assigned in the District.

2. Students residing in areas within the District which have been designated as hazardous by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department. Click here for designated hazardous areas. 

3. Students with special education needs in accordance with state and federal law requirements who are eligible for transportation through the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Call 604-3070 with questions regarding transportation for students with special needs.

4. Students in grades K-12 residing in the District who are attending a private school located two or more miles from the student’s residence, if such private school is a school within whose attendance area the student resides and is situated within the District or not more than five miles beyond the boundaries of the District.

5. For students that are eligible school bus transportation, the route number, bus stop location, pick-up time, and drop-off time is listed on Skyward Family Access.

  •  To check on eligibility for bus transportation, call the WAWM Enrollment Center at 414-604-3014.
  • To report bus or route problems, call the bus company, First Student, at 649-2620.
  • Regular bus transportation is routed using the resident’s home address. Address changes must be made at the WAWM Enrollment Center located at 1205 South 70th Street, 5th floor. Call the WAWM Enrollment Center at 414-604-3014 for more information.