Walking Safely to School

Walking Safely to School
Posted on 03/14/2019
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For Students:

  • If your parents say that you can walk to school on your own, walk with a friend when possible.

  • Pick a safe route to school and stick to the route. Walk directly to school. Don’t let friends talk you into shortcuts that are more dangerous.

  • When you are near the street, don’t push, shove, or chase each other.

  • Eyes up, phones down.

  • Never hitchhike or take rides from people not arranged by your parents.

  • Cross the street safely

  • Stop at the curb or edge of the street.

  • Look left, right, left and behind you and in front of you for traffic.

  • Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing.

  • Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing.

  • Walk, don’t run across the street. Always obey traffic signs, signals and adult school crossing guards.

  • Report anything unusual that happens during your walk to and adult (e.g., teacher, principal, parents) right away.   

For Parents:

  • Young children should always walk with an adult.

  • If your child is ready to walk alone or with a friend, establish a route where there is good visibility for your child to see traffic and to be sure the drivers can see your child.

  • Teach your child how to cross the street.

  • Ensure your child has identification and emergency numbers in their backpacks.

  • Choose the safest route to school with the least amount of crossings.

  • Teach your child what streets signs mean on the route to school.

  • Pre-identify places of refuge should your child need immediate shelter.

  • Encourage your child to report anything unusual that happens during their walk to an adult (e.g., teacher, principal, parents) right away.