Students at Walker Elementary Report an Outbreak of Self-Control!

Students at Walker Elementary Report an Outbreak of Self-Control!
Posted on 11/05/2018
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A video news report airing at Walker Elementary School has classmates learning that an “outbreak of self-control” is running rampant in their building. Performed by a group of students, the special news report cleverly ignited the idea that “everyone is doing it.”

According to Deeper Learning Coach, Stacey Lange, “Over the summer, our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team, read The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy, and Other Success Skills Every Student Needs by Thomas R. Hoerr. A focus on ‘self-control’ is the first of the five skills that can help students be successful in school.”

In the video, reporters share that “students all over the school have” been infected with the contagious success skill; self-control. Interviews with classmates that have used strategies for regulating their emotions and behaviors are also featured.

“Our students enjoy the creative process and the urgent message that ‘self control is spreading faster than we predicted’ was a positive for everyone,” explained Patrick Collins, the teacher responsible for the video.  

“Self-control is like the steering and the brakes in a car. You need to know how to use both. We’re working to help students learn how to concentrate and control impulsive behavior,” said counselor,  Kristyn Brownell. “We’ve also shared information with parents so they can use the strategies at home. Our video is a fun way to demonstrate how using the tools helps us be successful.”

“We’re proud of our PBIS team, Mr. Collins, and the students that helped make this video.  It’s a great example of collaboration. The ability to stop and think before acting is a lifelong challenge,” remarked Principal, Tracy Fischer-Tubbs, “Self-control is a skill for success. The goal is to help students develop it in themselves.”