Shared Journeys Alumni Club Connect During COVID-19

Shared Journeys Alumni Club Connect During COVID-19
Posted on 06/01/2020
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During COVID-19, Shared Journeys alumni to show support to program facilitator, Ms. Colla and the Class of 2020. They submitted pictures, inspirational quotes, and a youtube video HERE.

According to Colla, “The alumni truly felt sad that many of the traditions from Shared Journeys were going to be missed due to COVID-19.  We always looked forward to our Picnic in the Park, Zoo field trip with children, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum field trip to receive a free yearly membership, and senior luncheon along with the traditional graduation ceremonies. My heart breaks for the current seniors who will not experience those things.”

They invited seniors to join the Shared Journeys Alumni Club. They created digital connections and posted on the Shared Journeys facebook and twitter sites. They sent cards and positive cheer messages.  

“Our Shared Journeys Alumni Club is incredibly active within the our school community; Volunteering in the Shared Journeys Infant Lab, donating items students may need, mentoring students, sharing their career paths and life stories,” said Colla.

Danielych Heben, academic tutor and former student at Shared Journeys shows great pride in being in the Shared Journeys Alumni Club. “I love being a Shared Journeys Alumni and now working for and alongside Mrs.Colla. She has done and continues to do so much for me. I love learning and being  there for the students. I understand what they’re going through because I was once in their shoes. I am ready to help them through this life changing situation,” said Heben.

Today Heben, an education major at Alverno now works part-time at Shared Journeys. She just completed her first year as an elementary education major.

“Our alumni are true role models and are there for each other whether they need a sitter, furniture, baby swing, or job reference. It is a special connection and one unlike anything I have ever experienced. Once you are part of the family, you are always part of the family. That is not just a cliche that is used.  It is real. When one is in trouble, the others are there to pick him or her up. When one is celebrating, they are there to celebrate. I have witnessed it over and over,” adds Colla.

“Shared Journeys has a very strong alumni base. There is great pride and a true allegiance to help out after graduation from donating clothes, being mentors, to coming and sharing their life stories.  We’re proud of our students and the people they become.”