School Closing Due to Severe Weather

School Closing Due to Severe Weather
Posted on 12/02/2019
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Well, it’s winter in Wisconsin! And over the next few weeks (months?) we want to recognize the need to make special preparations for the safety and welfare of students and staff when faced with severe weather conditions.

The decision to close schools due to snow or extreme cold is a serious and complex one. Superintendents confer with one another to review weather predictions and conditions and to consider how families and staff are impacted in these situations.

Factors such as severity, intensity, and movement of the storm center or weather conditions can impact our decisions. For winter storms, timing and snow totals must be considered. For frigid temperatures, a Wind Chill Warning issued by the National Weather Service that’s in effect when students are traveling to school must be considered.

It’s a tough decision but above all, we focus on balancing the need to keep students and staff safe with the need to have students in school learning every day.

When we do close schools, we make the decision thoughtfully and as early as possible. 
When schools are closed, all after-school activities are also cancelled for the day. This includes Recreation (e.g., AM, Action 330, Action 300, Rec classes, Rec sports, etc.) and school activities (clubs, practices, and sporting events).

In the event of school closure or early dismissal, parents receive an automated telephone call and email. Local television and radio stations are also notified and information is posted on the District website, social media, and on school and District telephone answering machine messages.


WJMR 98.3


WTMJ 620

WMYX 99.1

46D / 1005 WDJT CBS58

WOKY 920

WKKV 100.7

33D / 1006 WITI FOX6

WISN 1130

WLUM 102.1

28D / 1004 TMJ4

WKTI 94.5

HOG 102.9

34D / 1012 WISN-TV 12

WRIT 95.7

WXSS 103.7

WKLH 96.5

WMIL 106.1

WRNW 97.3

WNRG 106.9

How Can You Help? 
It’s important that we can reach you by telephone and email. This information should be accurate on Skyward Family Access. If you need help updating your contact information, contact your School Main Office for assistance.

Maintain Accurate Telephone Numbers
School Messenger is used to send voicemail messages to primary and secondary telephones. It will only send a message to all three telephone numbers if there is a school emergency. We ask that parents maintain telephone numbers on Skyward.

  1. Go to Student Info > click on REQUEST CHANGES FOR (YOUR CHILD’S NAME).

  2. Click on FAMILY INFORMATION > click on TELEPHONE to list three telephone contact numbers.

  3. Click save.

Maintain Accurate Email Addresses
School Messenger is also used to send email messages. Email is used to send important notices, information, and updates. We ask that parents maintain an accurate email address on Skyward.

  1. Go to Student Info > click on REQUEST CHANGES FOR YOUR CHILD’S NAME.

  2. Click FAMILY INFORMATION > click on HOME EMAIL. The email address is listed. If it is correct, no changes are necessary.  If an update is needed, enter your email address.

  3. Click save.

Also, be reminded that parents make personal decisions regarding those few winter days when school is in session and they feel it is in the best interest and safety of their child to remain at home. If you keep your child home, make sure you report the absence by calling your School Main Office.   

Soon, spring will come as it always does and we will pack away our mittens, hats, coats, and boots. We thank you for your understanding and support of our every kind of weather!