Passion Projects

Passion Projects Help Connect Learning with Interests
Posted on 12/14/2020
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What happens when you unify learners and classes across our District with projects they are passionate about?  Students learn, create, build, collaborate, communicate and problem-solve!

“Last spring, we had a District-wide focus on passion projects,” explained Director of Leadership and Learning, Deidre Roemer.  “Many of our students are learning how to cook, do art projects, perfect a musical instrument, become a YouTuber, make their own clothes, write stories, grow a tomato plant, invent new products while we were ‘safe at home’.  We used passion projects to connect to those interests. 

As students created their projects, local community experts volunteered to connect online or over the phone to provide learners with feedback, guidance and help with research points.  

“As our District continues our work around embedding the Deeper Learning competencies, Content Mastery, Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving, Academic Mindset, and Self-Directed Learning, within classes across our District, we wanted to capture some of what our learners have become passionate about,” said Roemer.

“Passion projects were designed to give our learners an opportunity to develop skills in problem solving, communication, self-direction, and content mastery.  We are proud of the way our students, staff and community members worked together.  The finished products were amazing.”