March District Recognitions

March District Recognitions
Posted on 03/01/2021
This is the image for the news article titled March District RecognitionsEach month, District Recognitions are read at our Board of Education Meetings. We are proud and thankful for the many contributions made by the members of our learning community. Together or apart, we are united in our dedication to education!

General Mitchell Elementary School:  We would like to acknowledge and thank Head Custodian Diandra "Dee" Quick and Head Secretary Lori Gaudynski.  Every day they are faced with unknown challenges and they always meet them head-on. They help keep things running smoothly and in top notch condition. We appreciate them so much. 

Pershing Elementary School: 
  • Special thanks to Pershing's Deeper Learning Coach and Innovation Coach Nicole Ellmann. She is a solid leader both in and out of the classroom.
  • We would like to recognize our health room monitor, LaDonne Quick.  In addition to her role as a health room monitor, LaDonne has helped with attendance, lunch duty, recess duty plus many other projects around the school.  We are thankful for all her hard work
West Milwaukee Intermediate School:  Congratulations to Student Services Counselors, Jenni Coshun and Kory Higgins and Deeper Learning Coach, Kelsey Noack for teaching our 6th and 7th graders to complete their 2021-2022 Skyward Course selections on Skyward. Students learned a new skill that they will use through high school.

Shared Journeys:  
  • Jenny Szalacinski and Lisa Colla received a certificate in Care and Concern for Children in Crisis Training. 
  • Thank you to Bonnie Ludwig who made blankets for a fundraiser and raised $100 for Shared Journeys.  
  • A shout out to our former student, Alex Nickel, who just opened Point West Barbershop in West Allis! 
  • We are grateful to West Allis Central, the Interact Club and the community for the Baby Item Drive they facilitated for Shared Journeys!  We received so many needed items. 
  • Jenny Szalacinski, Dani Heben and Lisa Colla received certification in Teen Mental Health First Aid.
Leadership and Learning:  A big thank you to Adam Hengel for his work on our charter school grant application.  Adam did an excellent job of tying the application to our Deeper Learning work and giving us the best opportunity to receive grant funds.

Facilities Department:  Our winter weather has been brutal.  We want to thank Kevin Grisius and Brian Boche for their great teamwork and dedication to snow removal.  When the plow stopped working at Nathan Hale High School, Brian Boche traveled over to help.  Kevin Grisius worked quickly to install a new battery and things were up running in record time.  We are thankful to all of our maintenance and custodial staff.  They have been working hard to keep our walks and parking lots safe. 

National School Breakfast Week – March 8-12, 2021:  We want to recognize Sodexo and all the folks that run our breakfast program for their significant contributions of school nutrition and the importance of a nutritious, well-balanced school breakfast which contributes to the health, well-being, and the education of children.
Central High School:  We’d like to thank...
  • Nate Rice and Carrie Hanson for their work on the Central Town Hall and Black History Month activities with the elementary schools.  
  • Our Assistant principals; James Young and Brian Summerfield for their continued work with the book studies on race and equity non-negotiables. 
  • Our custodian, Harrison Giesfeldt for his continuous improvements in making sure our building is safe and clean.
  • Our Dean of Students, Shondell Hernandez, for his efforts to make home visits and his work with non-attenders.
James E. Dottke Project-Based School:  Retired Dottke teacher, Peter Kraker has volunteered to help us transform our old boy's locker room space into an aquaponics lab.  He has spent endless hours identifying community partners and securing donations to make this powerful deeper learning opportunity a reality for our students.

Recreation and Community Services:  We would like to recognize Program Manager Bobby Foreman for his exemplary leadership with Distance Learning Camp and the opening of the AM Action and Action 330 programs.  Bobby has coached, mentored, modeled and supported staff as we’ve navigated how to safely reopen our programs to best support students and families.  His collaborative and responsive approach also helps mitigate and diffuse any challenges.