Lane Intermediate Students Reach for the Stars

Lane Intermediate Students Reach for the Stars
Posted on 11/11/2020
Lane Drive Up Stars Store

For years, Star Cards have been part of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program at Lane Intermediate School. Star Cards were a way for teachers and staff to recognize students for doing the right things in school. 

“At first, students were excited about Star Cards. But over time, we started to feel that students didn’t see them as something special. We even found some on the hallway floors,” explained Deeper Learning Coach, Kari Skonecki. “Two years ago, our PBIS team knew we needed to do something to increase the value of Star Cards.”

Skonecki and School Psychologist, Denise Meyer, began to revamp the Star Card program. According to Meyer, “We came up with the idea of ‘selling’ things during base group meetings two times a week. The items students could buy with their Star Cards were snacks like mini-cookies, takis, flamin hot cheetos, and goldfish crackers that were donated by Sodexo and the PTA. We also had large pickles that our students love and mechanical pencils. Soon the “Star Card Store” was a big hit and we had LINES of students waiting to redeem their star cards.”

Undaunted by virtual learning, Meyer worked to open the Star Card Store this fall. “I knew we could still use Star Cards in our virtual world and students could redeem them during our material pick-up days. I came up with the idea of teachers filling out a google form so we could tally on a spreadsheet how many Star Cards students had earned.”

Meyer shared her idea with principal Josiah Pledl, Assistant Principal Deann Yaklich and Deeper Learning Coach Kari Skonecki. Skonecki used her google skills to revamp the google form and have it generate an email to students notifying them of when and why they had earned a Star Card.

“Each email has a personalized certificate which is their Star Card,” explains Skoneicki. “Then Mrs. Meyers  uses another spreadsheet to record the cards earned and cards redeemed so everything is online.”


“At Lane Intermediate School, we have these four pillars: Kind, Respect, Responsible, Community.  Students earn Star Cards by doing something related to one of these pillars. The staff wanted to continue to use Star Cards to reach out during this unusual time. We want our students to know that we still ‘see’ when they are doing great things. We miss our students and we know this is hard,” adds Meyer.