Gaggle Keeps a Watchful Eye on District-Issued Technology

Gaggle Keeps a Watchful Eye on District-Issued Technology
Posted on 10/01/2020
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In September, our District announced it had partnered with Gaggle to monitor the use of district-issued technology. Gaggle constantly scans accounts for harmful content.  Items are categorized into three levels (e.g., User Violations, Questionable Content, and Potential Student Situation).  Each level connects to a response from District-appointed personnel.

“We are using Gaggle proactively to protect students and ensure that they are using these tools safely and correctly,”  explained Director of Leadership and Learning, Deidre Roemer. “Since we’ve started using Gaggle we’ve had to respond to issues with use of social media, emails and posts.  We have a rapid response protocol in place for any threats of violence to self or school.”

“More importantly, we were able to reach out to students that were struggling.   We have a team in place that responds to students with feelings of desperation, hopelessness or thoughts of self-harm.  We want every student and family to know -- they are not alone - we will provide support.”

“We are especially cognizant of the issues surrounding mental health for our students and their families.  Gaggle scans for imminent threats of harm to self or others that require the immediate attention of District-appointed personnel. These issues could include violence, suicide, harmful family situations or student-produced access to pornography.  In these cases, Gaggle will email and phone District-appointed personnel for a more prompt response.  In these severe situations, law enforcement may be involved in the resolution of the situation.

If students make references to online bullying, violence, or self-harm, Gaggle emails District-appointed personnel for follow-up.  Student services staff will be contacting students and parents to investigate the situation and provide assistance to ensure the student is safe. In cases of illegal or illicit content (e.g., pornography), the school principal will be contacted.

Using curse words or sending provocative photographs, etc. is not acceptable behavior in school or online.  In situations like this, Gaggle will email the user with a notice of content violation.  If there are multiple content violations, Gaggle will email the school principal regarding the student’s online behavior.  We ask that students and parents refer to the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook regarding acceptable behavior HERE

We are thankful that our students are reaching out when facing times of difficulty.  Our goal is to provide appropriate assistance to students in need.  Gaggle is helping us ensure that students are safe, cared for, and supported in times of crisis,” said Roemer.  “Now students and families are aware Gaggle is out there monitoring.  Our students know they should be respectful, responsible and safe when using these online tools.”