February District Recognitions

February District Recognitions
Posted on 02/09/2021
This is the image for the news article titled February District RecognitionsEach month, District Recognitions are read at our Board of Education Meetings. We are proud and thankful for the many contributions made by the members of our learning community. Together or apart, we are united in our dedication to education!
Horace Mann Elementary School: 
We wish to thank Amy Graff for helping our parents and staff with tech questions and iPad fixes.
Leadership and Learning:  
A donation of bi-lingual books, written in both Spanish and English, was made to West Milwaukee Intermediate and Longfellow Elementary to honor the legacy of Maria Monreal-Cameron.  Monreal-Cameron was the longtime president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin and worked tirelessly to support the Hispanic community in Milwaukee.  She was forever committed to bringing up the next generation of future leaders.  She passed away in January, 2021 at the age of 75. 
Two teams for our District were invited to present at the 11th National Convening on Personalized Learning Conference (February 8 and 9).  We want to thank the team from Frank Lloyd Wright Intermediate School;  Ashley Malucha, Madeline Maag, Krystal Klemme, and Carrie Clark for preparing a video and presentation for the event.  In addition, Deidre Roemer and Adam Hengel created a video and presentation for this national conference.

Special thanks to our intermediate school Deeper Learning Coaches, Kari Skonecki, Julia Neils, and Kelsey Noack, for their work on our math course sequence.  This year, more students took Geometry in 9th grade than ever before.  Our coaches are focused on helping teachers move ALL students to higher level math courses.

Superintendent’s Office:
I wish to thank and recognize all the members of our Leadership Team.  Over the past eleven months, they have worked tirelessly to prepare for a Return to School.  These leaders are expert at what they do and unwavering in their commitment to our learning community.

Connie Bergmann
Jeff Borland
Ron Bruzan
Greg Burton
Steve Carr
Jeff Clark
Lisa Colla
Leslie Connors
Janet Delikat
Tim Dettlaff
Erin Dreske
Steve Eichman
Jennifer Elahi
Nicole Ellmann
Jason Fish
Greg Goelz
Chris Gosch
Becky Gries
Ryan Hammernik
Steve Harris
Katie Hart
Liz Hatab
Adam Hengel
Shondell Hernandez
Jennifer Houston
Tanesha Jones
Alyssa Johnson
Melvin Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Beth Koehler
Steve Kosnar
Jessica Kosinski  
Stacey Lange
Diane Lazarides 
Matt Lesar
Brenda Litza
Ann Locke
Greg Lucas
Tim Locke
Justin Marien
Chris Miller
Julia Neils
Kelsey Noack
Aaron Norris
Josiah Pledl
Quiana Polk
Erica Ramos
Deidre Roemer
Kori Sack
Becca Schwall
Lydia Sesing
Michael Sheahan
Kari Skonecki
Laura Sproul
Carrie Stollenwerk
Shelly Strasser
Brian Summerfield
Kristen Swoboda
Jeff Taylor
Frona Tenuta
Jeff Thomson
Mary Washbush
Dave Weiss
Breanne Willms
Caitlin Windler
Deann Yaklich
Jim Young

Black History Month:  February is national Black History month where we give special focus to the contributions of African Americans to the United States; honoring all Black people from all periods of U.S. history.  From the enslaved people first brought over from Africa in the early 17th century to African Americans living in the United States today, we celebrate the achievements and history of African Americans in our country.

Career and Technical Education:  The Wisconsin Department of Instruction has designated the month of  February as Career and Technical Education Month.  Career and technical education prepares students for careers that are the backbone of a strong, well-educated workforce; fostering productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, in business and industry, which contributes to America’s leadership in the global marketplace.
Tech ED
Matt Kerhn
John Miller
Chris Stefancic
Ryan Dekker
Glen Perry
Greg Walsko
Michael Lukomski
Gabriel Acaba-Ortiz
Paula Bisswurm
Chad Coleman
Katelyn Makina
Malina Schweinert
Tech ED
Guy Holling
Glen Perry
Jack Hart
Matthew Johnson
Jamie Cummings
Courtney Hudson
Amanda Zachow
Gabriel Acaba-Ortiz
Frank Calarco
Martha Donnell
Daniel Schlitt
Bonita Ziegler-Davel
Malina Schweinert
Brett Polczynski
Jamie Mangin
Kyle Coppersmith
Rebecca DuBois-Zeck
John Miller
Frank Calarco
Robert Payant
Cassie Kanugh
Gabriel Acaba Ortiz
Matt Napoli

National Counselor Week:  We want to thank and recognize our Student Services teams for their unique contribution in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.  They are deeply committed to our students, families, and staff members!

Hailey Anderson
Andrea Arciszewski
Sabrina Bartels
Michael Brennan
Kristyn Brownell
Nic Bur 
Gail Citowitz-Placzek
Jennifer Coshun
Chelsea Crane
Jamie Crotteau
Diana Dahm
Brittney Durham
Maura Eyl
Allison Friedkin
Jamie Goelz 
Kory Higgins
Karen Houston
Angela Howard
Jaime Kawczynski
Larry Leinberger  
Nikki Levine
Kyle Malin
Katie McGrath
Melissa Meier
Heather Mersberger
Denise Meyer
Bri Milroy
Jessie Neumar
Christine Piotrowski
Radka Redig
Nate Rice
Lindsay Roper-Hetland
Sabley Sabin
Laura Sage
Kalie Sexton
Lisa Sheedy
Kennidy Summers
Pakou Thao

Recreation and Community Services:  We are pleased to announce that our Recreation and Community Services Department was awarded the Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association’s 2020 Silver Star Award in Youth Programming for the Operation Recreation Mobile Recreation Play program.  

The WPRA Silver Star Award is selected by a distinguished panel of recreation professionals who have expertise in the field of recreation service delivery.  Entries are judged based on five criteria that are essential to having a successful recreation program: Goals and Objectives, Participation, Operational Efficiency, Creativity and Innovation and Marketing.  This is the department's third Silver Star Award since 2018.  

Special recognition goes to program manager, Amanda Schwichtenberg, for her leadership and initiative with the Operation Recreation program.  We would also like to thank and recognize our amazing Operation Recreation crew: Becca Bojarski, Casey Farner, Lauren Francis, Jake Krueger, Britney Matev, Gabrielle Strasser and Kelsey Urbaniak.