Recreation and Community Services Department Brings Easter Egg Hunt Home

Recreation and Community Services Department Brings Easter Egg Hunt Home
Posted on 03/29/2021
This is the image for the news article titled Recreation and Community Services Department Brings Easter Egg Hunt HomeDue to COVID-19, the West Allis-West Milwaukee Recreation & Community Services Department developed a creative new program for Easter in lieu of a traditional Egg Hunt.  “We worked to bring the Easter Bunny to our families so they could have their very own Easter Egg Hunt in their front yards,” said Program Manager, Amanda Schwichtenberg.

During the week of March 29, 2021, the “Easter Bunny” visited families that had registered to have their house “egged.”  “Families registered for a treat-filled eggs package. They also had the choice of which night we would come to hide the eggs. The next morning the family had their very own Easter Egg Hunt!” explained Schwichtenberg.

Judging by the comments, the event was a hit with community members!  

According to Jessica Behrendt, “Ok, that Easter Bunny was fantastic!  That’s an amazing costume and my daughter spotted him hiding the eggs and she was excited.  That was worth it!  I just wanted to reach out and say thank you!!”   

“My kids enjoyed the egg hunt.  Love these kinds of things we can do in our neighborhood,” added Merlinda Garcia-Castro.

“Enjoyed the Easter egg hunt for grandson Rowan.  Good idea.  Thanks for the hard work!” said Jeri Ellmann.

“Thank you WAWM Recreation Department for “egging” our home!  What a cute program!” added Lisa Ann.

“Thank you for “egging” our home!!  The sign was very special and our grands just loved seeing the Easter bunny (from the window).  We will do this every year!” said Jeanne Deutsch.

“They did it this way due to COVID!!  I hope they continue to do this!!” said Chris Nieman.  

“I hope so too, I’ll definitely do it next year if they do it all the time after this!” echoed Ashley Cichacki.

“The bunny egg drop just came by us. Was such a fun idea the kids couldn’t believe it!  I am so glad I signed up.” said Amanda Bagurdes. 

“COVID has made us do things differently,” said Schwichtenberg, “and we’ve been very creative along the way.  We’re doing things that are fun and engaging for everyone!”