District Recognitions

District Recognitions
Posted on 11/11/2020
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Each month, District Recognitions are read at our Board of Education Meetings.  We are proud and thankful for the many contributions made by the members of our learning community.  Together or apart, we are united in our dedication to education!

October 26, 2020

Shared Journeys:  A huge thank you to district employees, school board members, Shared Journeys Alumni and community members who volunteered to be Friday “Book Break” readers.  “Surprise" readers that share a favorite book each Friday have been a hit.  Videos of readers are posted on the Shared Journeys school website.

Jenny Szalacinski, Kaylee Breska and Lisa Colla received certification in Childcare Environment Essentials:  Fine Motor Skills and Environment Essentials: Sand and Water. 

James E. Dottke High School:  Custodian, Doug Stehr, recently celebrated his one year anniversary at Dottke and no one has made a bigger impact on our physical building.  His commitment to ensuring that we have safe, beautiful and high-functioning spaces to teach and learn is unparalleled.  Doug has helped create new learning spaces (e.g., beehive space, bikeshop, aquaponics lab, etc.) and improve our building (e.g., painting the gym floor).  


Leadership and Learning:  We would like to thank Brendan Kelly, Bruce Heisler, Lisa Dineen and Suzanna Wells- Dixon for their work to ensure we have closed captioning available for our students.  They worked hard to make sure this service is accessible to students and teachers.

Recreation and Community Services Department:  We would like to recognize all of the Educational Assistants, Peer Mentors, and Recreation Staff that are helping our students thrive at camp and stay engaged during Virtual Learning.  They are as follows:

Nathan Hale High School

Jeren Stolzenfeld

Lynnette Stanfield 

Ramona Kaiser

Kathy Kline

DJ Thompson

Liza Peltier

Kim Zabkowicz

Amy Williams 

Rebecca Kowalinski

Tammy Letizia

Kelsee Rapp

Grace Johnson

Paris Briley 

Wayne Kuether  

West Milwaukee Intermediate School

Jessica Toce

Joanne Johnson

Mark Malinger

Montrel Wade

Sue Schwindt

Rayquan Sampson

Maria Garcia

Kim Blanton

Frank Lloyd Wright

 Intermediate School

Lisa Sisson

Angela Botsch

Tammy Brunner

Michael Kohl

Mary Beth Rodgers

Shelley Pietras

Margarita Dumit

Noreen Murray

Celina Zieske

Chris Klobukowski  

Kemora Brooks

Bobby Coraggio

JahCarria Thompson

Camp Champions

Amy Williams 

Rebecca Kowalinski

Dorothy Bauer

Nate Soddy

Deb Marcin

Michelle Lorenz

Jenni Szalacinski

October 12, 2020

Frank Lloyd Wright Intermediate School:  We would like to recognize Abby Snopek, our new Innovation Coach, and Dan Amundson,Technology Lead, for all of their hard work during Phase 1: Virtual Learning. They have handled student, parent and teacher issues with the highest level expertise and customer service. 

Lane Intermediate School:  We would like to recognize our school secretaries; Kim Miller and Lisa Glynn. They have handled “back to school” issues with grace and expertise. They are welcoming and helpful to parents, students, and staff.  

Franklin Elementary School:  We would like to recognize Sarah Gutzwiller.  She was nominated by one of our parents for the Juicy Juice's "100% Thankful for" teacher award.  After the votes were counted (submitted by parents, staff and friends) she won the contest and will be awarded $10,000 for her students and her classroom!


Wilson Elementary School:  We would like to recognize Dawn Nardi at the Copy Center.  We had a large copy order involving multiple teachers.  All copies were delivered to us in an organized and timely manner.  Dawn is an important support for our teachers as we distribute "School in a Bag" to our families.

West Allis-West Milwaukee School District:  As part of Wisconsin School Board Appreciation Week, we would like to recognize our School Board members:

Stephanie Emons

Heather Justham

Brian Keller

Kristen Keyser

Christine Klug

Noah Leigh

Gary Schultz

Jeffrey Sikich

Bill Ustruck

These School Board members help make decisions that have a tremendous impact on our children’s future and the quality of life in our community.  School board membership is one of the most personally demanding forms of public service. Your recognition of its importance is a testament to your commitment to education.  We are grateful for your expertise, hard work, and dedication to the children, families, and staff in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District.

September 28, 2020

West Allis-West Milwaukee School District:  We would like to offer our condolences to the family of James E. Dottke who passed away on September 6, 2020 at age 89.   Mr. Dottke grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where he attended school, including earning a B.S. in Secondary Education from Wisconsin State College at Oshkosh.  He also received an M.S. in Physical Education from Indiana University and a certificate in Mathematics for Teachers from Wayne State University.  

Mr. Dottke spent over 35 years teaching, coaching, serving as an athletic director and principal at West Allis Central High School.  He worked tirelessly to support school integration, students who needed an alternative education, and Title IX rights for girls sports.  He is the namesake of James E. Dottke High School where his legacy of making sure all students succeed lives on. 

West Milwaukee Intermediate School:  We would like to recognize our new Innovation Coach, Robert Tegtmeier for distributing Chromebooks and hotspots to students.  He also conducted professional development for our teaching staff.  He was able to assist with Schoology by producing step-by-step user videos.  Mr Tegtmeier has also been on call providing troubleshooting assistance for students, families, and staff.

Leadership & Learning:  To save costs and increase efficiency, Andrea Watkins, Kristine Gostomski, and Toni Carpenter consolidated school supply orders.  They also completed the massive task of distributing orders to each of our schools. 

September 14, 2020

Jefferson Elementary School:  Jefferson elementary School received a Certificate of Excellence for having the highest number of students and staff participate in the West Allis Fair Housing Contest.  The contest promoted equality, freedom of choice, and the importance of providing equal housing opportunities to all families, regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.  

Shared Journeys:  Shared Journeys seniors won first place for their video submission to the West Allis Fair Housing Contest. These graduates, Emily Brown, Rayna Eno Barnes, Jennifer Cannizzaro, April Samolyk and Iranis Quinones did a phenomenal job on their creation.

West Allis Central High School:  The facilities team of Harrison Giesfeldt, Mark Majstorovic, Trevor Hust and Brian Kozelek have done an amazing job taking care of our building during the pandemic. They deep cleaned the Field House floor by hand so it is cleaner than it has been in over 10 years.

James E. Dottke High School:  Dottke would like to recognize teachers, Jeanine Daugherty and Kayleigh Bitters, for their summer work that included creating the "Intro to Dottke" class that all students take upon entering Dottke.  The class will prepare students for the project-based learning that takes place there.

West Allis-West Milwaukee School District Recreation and Community Services Department:  A huge thank you to summer camp staff for their hard work and dedication to creating a fun, healthy, engaging and successful summer camp program during the pandemic:

Jessica Toce 

Joanne Johnson

Kemora Brooks

Demonta Reed

Jake Krueger

Michael Kohl

Mikayla Kiedrowski

Ilaisa Ornelas

Tammy Brunner

JahCarria Thompson

Torre Edmonds

Lisa Sisson

Shelley Pietras

Mathew Lesak

Makenzie Thoennes

Vida Celedon

Rayquan Sampson

Bibianna Soto

Bailey Welchman

Da-nyjah Cooley

Colin Cholka

Gage Wirth

Lynette Stanfield

Tammy Letizia

Callen Cooklock

Celina Zieske

Chris Klobukowski

Wayne Kuether

Grace Johnson

Isaiah Gulczynski

Tyler Gulczynski

Klesee Rapp

Jeren Stolzenfeld

Rachel Zieske

West Allis-West Milwaukee School District Students and Families:  We just want to recognize our students and families for reading our Friday letters, attending material pick-up days, accessing Schoology, and connecting with us during Phase 1: Virtual Learning.  We are excited to begin the 2020-2021 school year!