Best Staff Door at Horace Mann Elementary School

Best Staff Door at Horace Mann Elementary School
Posted on 01/06/2020
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When Chris Miller, Art teacher at Horace Mann Elementary School, had an idea for a “Best Staff Door” competition, his students jumped on board. According to Miller, “The school-wide theme of the door competition was “anti-bullying”, for anti-bullying week. I pitched the idea of making sculptures of hand gestures to represent this theme to my students. They liked the idea and ran with it! The students brainstormed ideas together and came up with the specific hand gestures.”

“We had just two weeks to execute this project from start to finish. Our students had to work collaboratively with their classmates picking up where each class left off,” said Miller. 

In the end, Student Council judged the competition. “My classroom door won the award for "Best Staff Door" in the competition, which was in no way planned,” explained Miller. “It was just great to see how everyone worked together.”

“My job was simply to spray paint the sculptures, fit them to the precise dimensions of the door, and hang the final product. The rest of it -- from creating the sculptures, the design layout, and all of the drawing and cutting -- was student work!”