"State of the Schools" Presentation

"State of the Schools" Presentation
Posted on 03/25/2021
This is the image for the news article titled "State of the Schools" PresentationIn March, Superintendent, Dr. Marty Lexmond, Director of Leadership and Learning, Deidre Roemer, and Director of Finance and Operations, Caitlin Windler held three “State of the Schools” presentations on Zoom.  These presentations also featured students, teachers and school administrators.

“We’ve been providing our community with three opportunities to come together and hear about how we are progressing as a District,” explained Lexmond. “This year, we used Zoom to hold our meetings.  The method may have changed but the purpose remained the same -- we want people to know about the good things happening in our District and how we are moving forward.”

This year, student work was presented and teachers provided commentary on Deeper Learning strategies used in classrooms.  “It is important to review data but we believe having our learners describe how they are working to master deeper learning competencies is really important,” said Roemer.  “We have accomplished a lot even during this challenging time and we are very proud of our learners, educators, and administrators.

The presentation also included information about our District’s journey to fiscal stability.  According to Windler, “Due to our improved financial operations and long-term planning, S&P has upgraded our credit rating to High Grade at a AA-, an incredible seven steps from where we were just a few years ago.  Our improved credit rating allowed us to both refinance and prepay debt in the Fall of 2020, saving taxpayers over $800,000 by reducing our property tax levy.  In addition, our solid fund balance position allows us to focus on achieving the goals in our Strategic Plan.” 

The presentation also included information about the Facility Planning process that is underway. The Fact Team is charged with making recommendations to our West Allis-West Milwaukee Board of Education regarding the following two questions:

How can schools be renovated and/or replaced and/or consolidated in ways that inspire and shape learning for the future?

How can we do this in ways that are cost effective for our community?

The meetings have been led by Bray Architects, CG Schmidt, and District leaders. They have featured information about Deeper Learning initiatives and long-term goals for school spaces. “Our Fact Team members are currently discussing grade configuration considerations,” explained Lexmond.  “We are looking at things in relation to fiscal responsibility, educational excellence and features that attract families.”
Watch our Annual "State of the Schools" meeting to learn more about how we aspire to create experiences that build community and empower learners so they can live life on their own terms.