Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Enrollment


Enrollment begins on Monday, February 3, 2020

Is your child four-years-old by September 1st?

Enroll into the 4K Program for the upcoming school year! All students will have a seat at their neighborhood school.

How do I enroll my four-year-old into the 4K Program?

Students in grades 4K-12, follow the same process for enrollment. Please click here for resident enrollment information.

Neighborhood Schools

Beginning in year 2018-2019, only students transitioning to a secondary grade level (Intermediate or High School) and have a sibling who is attending a building that is outside of the attendance area could choose to attend that same school with their sibling. New resident students at the elementary level will attend their neighborhood school. Click here for Implementation Plan for Neighborhood Schools. 

A typical 4K day for your child may include:

  • Benefit from whole group and small group learning experiences.

  • Explore literacy, math, writing, technology and creative play

    • Literacy: letter naming, formation of letters and sounds. Rhyming, identifying beginning sounds  and expanding  vocabulary are important components of our day.

    • Math: number writing and recognition, counting, patterning and sorting. Students also work with math vocabulary and problem solving.

    • Read alouds are included in math and literacy learning; “carpet time” offers new learning.

    • Skills based instruction: scissors, glue, pencil, markers/crayons.

  • Music, movement, creative play and arts are incorporated daily.

  • Students enjoy outside recess daily (weather permitting)

  • Rest time.

4K Jump Start

This program is designed to support a successful transition to school for full-day 4K students. Students will get to know their teacher, learn and practice school/classroom procedures, and become familiar with their new school.