2000 Program

342.2R(1) Homebound Instruction Procedures
342.2R(2) Homebound Teacher Guidelines

342.2E(1) Application for Homebound Instruction
342.2E(2) Medical Statement School-Age Parents – Homebound Instruction                            
342.2E(3) Homebound Contract Agreement
342.2E(4) Homebound Teacher Daily Log
342.2E(5) Consent for Disclosure of Confidential Information and/or School Records

342.4E       Children at Risk Survey Form – Grades 5-12

343.3R      Early College Credit Program Rules
343.4R      Start College Now Rules

345.6R      Graduation Responsibilities, Early Graduation and Credit Recovery

352R          Field Trip Procedures 

361.2R      Library Media Materials Selection Guidelines 

377R          Minimum Participation Levels for High School Athletic Teams