Series 800 - School/Community Relations

School/Community Relations

811          Parent/Family Involvement

823          Access to Public Records

823E(1) Official Public Notice (Access to Public Records)

823E(2) Public Records Fee Schedule
829          Naming and Dedication of School District Facilities

830          Use of School Facilities

830R1    Use of Facilities Determination   
830R2    Facility Usage Policy and Procedures

831          Tobacco Use on School Premises

831R       Enforcement Procedures for Tobacco Use Policy Violations

832          Weapons on School Premises

833          Golfing, Use of Skateboards, In-Line Skating, and Bike Riding on School Premises

834          Recreation Department Activities

835          Political Activities on School Premises

840          Public Gifts to the Schools

850          Public Solicitations in the Schools

851          Advertising/Promotions Displayed in School District Facilities

860          Visitors to the Schools

871          Public Complaints about Instructional/Library Media Materials

871R       Procedure for Reconsideration of Instructional/Library Media Materials
871E       Request for Reconsideration of Instructional/ Library Media Materials

872          Public Complaints about Personnel and Policies

872R       Public Complaints about Personnel and Policies Procedures