Series 500 - Personnel


511        Equal Opportunity Employment

511R     Employee Discrimination Complaint Procedure 

512        Harassment
512.1    Title IX Sexual Harassment for Personnel
512.R    Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure for Personnel

512R     Harassment Complaint Procedure

522        Staff Conduct

522.1     Drug-Free Workplace 

522.4     Conflict of Interest

522.5     Misconduct Reporting

522.5R  Guidelines for Reporting Employee Misconduct

522.6     Computer, Internal Network, Electronic Mail, and Internet Acceptable 
                  Use Policy for Employees

522.6R  Computer, Internal Network, Electronic Mail, and Internet Acceptable
                  Use Policy for Employees Provisions

523         Staff Health and Safety

523.1     Staff Physical Examinations

526         Personnel Records

526.1     HIPAA Privacy Policy

527         Grievance Procedure

531         Professional Staff Positions
532         Staff Vacancies  
532.31  Political Office Leave

533         Staff Recruiting/Hiring
534         Staff Transfers 
535         Staff Reduction in Force
535R    Staff Reduction in Force - Procedures

536         Substitute Teachers 

537         Professional Staff Development

537.1     Professional Research and Publishing 

539.2     Tutoring or Private Instruction

542.2     Non-Represented Support Staff Compensation/Fringe Benefits

542.6     Non-Represented Support Staff Probationary Period