About our District

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District serves over 8,000 students in four-year-old kindergarten through 12th grade.  The District has two comprehensive high schools, three intermediate schools, eleven elementary schools, one Charter School and an alternative high school.  

Our walkable neighborhood schools mean there is a school close to your home. Strong school spirit and communities of students, parents, and educators is something that our neighborhood schools take pride in. 

Our schools provide engaging learning experiences in classrooms where students are welcomed, challenged, and supported. Instruction is personalized, engaging, and focuses on college/career readiness and 21st century skill development. We develop school cultures where students, teachers, and families form strong relationships to support learning. We're centered on inspiring children to do their best. 

Our professional learning community of teachers and staff work with students and their families to help plan academic and career exploration activities and opportunities that will prepare students for the future.

WAWM high schools have a tradition of excellence as comprehensive schools providing a well-rounded, high-quality educational experience for all students. We encourage students to take advantage of opportunities in academics, athletics, music, art, languages, career and technical education (CTE), theater,  service clubs, honor societies, and social clubs.  

Deeper Learning 

content mastery

Content Mastery

While we’re still focused on teaching the basics, we’re also asking more from our learners so they can apply their knowledge and skills to real-world problems.


effective communication

Effective Communication

Our learners must also be able to communicate effectively - as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.  People must be able to communicate with one another through a variety of ways. Every idea, plan, or solution starts with the ability to share it, hear it, or read about it. 

critical thinking and problem solving

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 

Our learners must be critical thinkers - with the ability to understand what things mean.  We’re bombarded with information, facts, and opinions. When it comes to understanding problems, people must be able to think critically about what it takes to solve them.




Our learners must be able to collaborate and work well together.  Today’s workforce is more collaborative than ever. There is lots of teamwork and people share the responsibility contributing equally to projects and tasks.

self directed learning

Self-Directed Learning

Our learners must be able to take ownership of what it takes to get the job done.  Success is in knowing what you know and learning what you don’t. From researching to networking, people must be able to take ownership in what they do. They should be able to articulate their goals and how they will achieve them. 


academic mindset

Academic Mindset 

Finally, our learners need an academic mindset -- that is a strong sense of their own competence, talents, and passions.  These things are fulfilled in a learning community where there are strong relationships and students know they belong.