Band begins for students in the 5th grade. Students will need an instrument to be in band. Please see the instrument rental page for more information about renting from a music store, renting at school or purchasing an instrument. Music teachers will help students to select an instrument. Band members should commit to being in Band for the entire school year, attend weekly lessons and rehearsals and be available to play in the school music concerts throughout the year. Joining Band is a great way to increase overall learning, learn teamwork, and find a creative outlet.

Elementary Band Program Requirements:

  • Commitment to the Program for the entire year.

  • Attendance at weekly Rehearsals.

    • Rehearsals are usually held before the school day one day a week or during the lunch recess.

    • Parents are responsible for getting their child to school for the weekly rehearsals.

  • Attendance at weekly small group lessons.

    • Lessons are scheduled by the music teacher during the school day after consulting the child’s classroom teacher.

  • Homework: Practice assigned lesson book pages and music 5 days a week, 20 minutes per day

  • Performance at school concerts (Winter, Spring, and District Festival - dates will be provided at the beginning of the school year)

  • Grades will be given every quarter. Grades are based on attendance and participation at

    • rehearsals and preparation for weekly lessons

    • performance in assessments and concerts