The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, in partnership with family and community, will foster personal excellence and life-long learning for all students.

The mission of the Enrichment Team is to foster and inspire students’ curiosity through rigorous and relevant learning opportunities, with authentic multi-disciplinary practices, to creatively problem solve, innovate and collaborate.

The WAWM School District Enrichment Team believes…..

  • Interdisciplinary connections using authentic real world experiences make students learning relevant through 21st Century Skill integration

  • In the development of relationships, learner dispositions and employability skills

  • Teamwork and collaboration are fostered through Project Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, Service Learning and/or community partnerships to expand learning beyond school walls.

  • Talents of individual learners are developed through supporting choice and building learner voice

  • Students develop through a process of goal setting, self-assessment, and reflection ‚Äč

enrichment team