Students in Housing Transition

Rights of Students in Housing Transition or Experiencing Homelessness

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District shall provide an educational environment that treats all students with dignity and respect. Every student identified by the District as in housing transition or homeless shall have equal access to the same free and appropriate educational opportunities as students who have permanent housing. This commitment to the educational rights of children, youth who are in housing transition or are homeless applies to all services, programs, and activities provided or made available by the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. 

A student is considered “in transition” or “homeless” if as a result of economic hardship and lack of adequate alternative housing if he or she is presently living:
* in a emergency or transitional shelter or agency
* sharing housing with relatives or others
* in a motel, hotel, campground, or similar situation
* at a train or bus station, park, or in a car
* in an abandoned building, substandard housing, or another place not designed to house people
 * temporarily housed while awaiting DCFS foster care placement

All students who are in transition or homeless have rights to:
* Immediate school enrollment. A school must immediately enroll students even if they lack health,immunization or school records, proof of guardianship, or proof of residency.  
* Request enrollment in:
- the school he/she attended when permanently housed (school of origin) and prior to being in transition or homeless
- the school in which he/she was last enrolled (school of origin)
- any school that permanently housed students in the same attendance area are eligible to attend
* Remain enrolled in his/her selected school for as long as he/she remains in transition or homeless, or, if the student becomes permanently housed (e.g. maintains same adequate nighttime residence for one school semester), until the end of the academic year.
* Priority in certain preschool programs.
* Participate in school sponsored activities including tutorial-instructional support programs, sports, clubs,and when needed receive fee waivers and supplies for activities.
* Obtain information/ referrals for community resources and medical and mental health services.
* Free School Meals
* Transportation services: A student who meets the above criteria for “in transition” or “homeless” and is attending his/her school of origin has a right to transportation to go to and from the school of origin until he/she becomes permanently housed. Staff shall inform parents/guardians or youth that of transportation services may be available. If the family or student establishes permanent housing outside of West Allis-West Milwaukee, he/she may continue to attend the school of origin for the remainder of the academic year. In most cases, once permanent housing is established, transportation services are discontinued.

If you or someone you know has a child between the ages of 3–21 who has not graduated from high school and is in any of the above housing situations please contact Nic Bur, Students in Transition Coordinator at (414) 604-3414.