Intra-District Transfer

Click here for Intra-District Transfer Request Form

Step 1:  Parent/Guardian
  • In accordance with the West Allis-West Milwaukee School Attendance Area Policy 432 (432-Exhibit and 432-Rule), the reasons the district will consider intra-district transfer requests are limited to legal and medical matters.

  • If school administration initiates a district transfer, it will be the assigned school until the child transitions to a new grade level (elementary, intermediate, high school) or according to the timeline established by school administration.

  • Intra-District Transfer Requests should originate with the school the child currently attended.

  • A legal matter requires legal documentation (e.g., restraint/custody order documentation).

  • A medical matter requires medical documentation (e.g., physician documentation regarding medical condition) and a signed Release of Information.

Step 2:  School receiving the Intra-District Transfer Request

  • Once the request and documentation has been received, the school will forward it to the WAWM School District Office: Manager of School Services.

Step 3:  WAWM District - Manager of School Services

  • Once submitted, the Manager of School Services will:

    • Verify the Intra-District Transfer Request and required documentation.

    • Review school records and related information for submission to Enrollment Panel.

Step 4: WAWM District Enrollment Panel

  • The Intra-District Transfer Request and documentation will be reviewed by the WAWM Enrollment Panel to make a determination.  WAWM Enrollment Panel may include:

    1. Manager of School Services.
    2. Manager of Student Services.
    3. WAWM Health Care Professional (district nurse and/or district doctor).
    4. Director of Leadership and Learning.
    5. Designated Principal.
Step 5: Determination Notification
  • The parent/guardian will be notified in writing.

Note: If parent/guardian wishes to appeal the determination, the Intra-District Transfer Request and all documentation must be submitted to WAWM School Superintendent.