Series 700 - Support Services

Support Services

720           Safety Program 

721           Buildings and Grounds Inspections

722.1       Accident Reports

723           Emergency Plans

723.3       Emergency School Closings

731           Building and Grounds Security

731.1       School Vandalism/Loss

731.1R    Procedures for Dealing with School Vandalism/Loss

732           Building and Grounds Maintenance

733           Energy Management Conservation
751           Student Transportation Services
751R        Designated Areas of Unusual Hazard

751.4       Bus Contractors

751.5       Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students

751.5R    Guidelines for Transporting Students
751.5E1  District Owned/Leased Vehicle Operator’s Approval Form
751.5E2  Designated Vehicle Usage Form

760            Food Services Management

771.1        Use of Copyrighted Material

780            Insurance Management