Series 400 - Students


411          Equal Educational Opportunities

411R       Student Discrimination Complaint Rules

411.1      Student Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

411.1R   Student Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Compliant     
                    Investigation Rules
411.2      Nondiscrimination Guidelines Related to Students Who Are Transgender
                   and Students Nonconforming to Gender Role Stereotypes

411.3      Title IX Sexual Harassment for Students
411.3R   Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure for Students

412          School Census

412.1      Full-time Students

420          School Admissions

421          Entrance Age
421R       Early Admission Procedures

422          Admission of Nonresident Students

422.1      Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

423          Dual Enrollment of Non-Public School and Home-Based Education Students 

424          Wisconsin Public School Open Enrollment Program
425          Course Options

430          Attendance Philosophy

431          Compulsory Student Attendance
431R       Student Attendance Procedures

432          School Attendance Areas
432R       Intra-district Transfers
432E1     Implementation Plan for Neighborhood Schools

433          Assignment of Students to Teachers/Classes
433R       Guidelines for Grouping Students for Instruction

434          Release Time for Students

436          Student Dismissal Precautions

440          Student Rights and Responsibilities
440R       Student Surveys

441.1      Student Representatives to the Board

443          Student Conduct

443.1      Student Dress

443.2      Student Conduct on School Buses

443.4      Student Alcohol and/or Other Drug Use
443.4R   Disciplinary Procedures for Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use Policy Violations

443.41    Test for Alcohol Use

443.7       Gang and Gang-Related Activity
443.7R    Guidelines for Enforcing Gang and Gang-Related Activity Policy

443.8       Care of School/Personal Property by Students

443.9       Use of Food Supplements and/or Dietary Supplements

444           School-Age Parents/Married Students 

445           Student Interviews by Non-School Personnel

446           Student Searches

447           Student Discipline
447R        Student Disciplinary Procedures

447.1       Use of Corporal Punishment/Physical Force

447.11    Appropriate Use of Seclusion/Restraint

447.11R Guidelines for Seclusion/Restraint

447.2       Student Suspension 
447.2R    Student Suspension Procedures

447.3       Student Expulsion

447.3R    Student Expulsion Procedures

451           Student Insurance

453           Student Health Services
453R        First Aid Procedures
453R(2)  Procedures for Concussions and Head Injuries

453.2       Student Immunizations

453.3       Communicable Diseases

453.4       Administering Prescription Drugs and NonPrescription Drug Products to Students
453.4R    Prescription Drug and Nonprescription Drug Product Administration Procedures

453.5R    Anaphylaxis      
453.11     Use of Defibrillator

453.11R  Use of Defibrillator Procedures

454            Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect

455.1        Student Safety (Eye Protection)

455.2        Supervision of Students

458            Nutrition/Fitness

460            Student Scholarships

461            Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship Tie Breaker Criteria
462            Technical Excellence Scholarship
470            Student Fees