Series 300 - Instruction


321              School Calendar/School Year

322              School Day

323.1          Special Observance Days

330              Curriculum Development/Implementation

331              Curriculum and Instruction Guides

332              Parent Rights and the Curriculum

341.1          Education for Employment

341.2          Teaching of Phonics

341.3          Physical Education (High School)

342.1          Programs for Students with Disabilities (Special Education)

342.11       Independent Educational Evaluation

342.2          Homebound Instruction
342.2R(1) Homebound Instruction Procedures
342.2R(2) Homebound Teacher Guidelines

342.2E(1) Application for Homebound Instruction
342.2E(2) Medical Statement School-Age Parents – Homebound Instruction                            
342.2E(3) Homebound Contract Agreement
342.2E(4) Homebound Teacher Daily Log
342.2E(5) Consent for Disclosure of Confidential Information and/or School Records

342.3          Gifted and Talented Program

342.4          Programs for Children at Risk
342.4E       Children at Risk Survey Form – Grades 5-12

342.5          Programs for Disadvantaged Students (Title I)

342.6          Alternative Educational Programs
342.7          English Language Learners

343.1          Scheduling Students for Instruction (High School)

343.2         Class Size

343.3         Early College Credit Program
343.3R      Early College Credit Program Rules
343.4         Start College Now
343.4R      Start College Now Rules

345.1         Grading Systems

345.2         Student Progress Reports to Parents

345.3         Homework

345.4         Student Promotions and Retentions

345.5         Honor Rolls

345.6         Graduation Requirements
345.6R      Graduation Responsibilities, Early Graduation and Credit Recovery

345.7         Transcripted Credit for Intermediate Level Students (7th & 8th Grade)
346             Student Assessment

347             Student Records

351             Summer School

352             Field Trips
352R          Field Trip Procedures

361.1         Selection of Instructional Materials

361.2         Selection of Library Media Materials

361.2R      Library Media Materials Selection Guidelines

362             Libraries Media Centers

362.1         Interlibrary Loan Policy

363.2         Computer, Internal Network, Electronic Mail, and Internet Acceptable Use
                      Policy for Students
                      Do's and Don'ts

363.3         Technology Concerns for Students with Special Needs

364             Guidance and Counseling Program

365             Cable Cast Program Content – Obscene Material Policy

374             Student Fund-Raising Activities

375             Public Performances by Student

376             Student Contests

377             Interscholastic Athletics

377R          Minimum Participation Levels for High School Athletic Teams
383             Service Animals in School