February 2013

Wellness Tips for February 2013:

This February brings us Super Bowl parties, Mardi Gras celebrations, special dinners out,
and more. Use these five tips to help you navigate through these events and still maintain
the healthy eating habits you work so hard to follow!

- Eat before you arrive. If you get to a party hungry, it might be more difficult to make healthier choices or to eat in moderation. Before you head out, grab some string cheese or yogurt, a cup of soup, or a handful of almonds. These are foods that can help you to feel full longer, and may help prevent you from overdoing it once you start socializing.
- Stay hydrated! When you drink water before you eat, it can help to start you of with a slight feeling of fullness. Plus, if you keep water with you to drink during the party, it’s one more thing to hold onto, keeping your hands busy and snack-free!
- Keep away from the table. If you stand near the food table, you may be more likely to snack. Pick a spot across the room or in another room, and bring people with you to socialize away from temptation.
- Bring a healthy option. One thing you can control at parties and work events is what you bring to share. Choose a colorful fruit or vegetable tray, or a healthy dip recipe that you know will provide at least one healthy snack for you to enjoy.
- Move forward. If you do overindulge, pick yourself up and start fresh the next day.
Drink lots of water, and plan small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day to
help you get back on track.