Instrument Rental

All students in Band and Orchestra will need to rent or purchase an instrument prior to the beginning of each school year. Students are expected to come to school the first day with their instruments. In many instances Elementary string students will need size appropriate instruments as professional sized instruments may be too large for students to hold and play successfully. Each child should be sized for the proper instrument size.

Instruments that are rented through the school district will first be distributed to elementary through sixth grade if they take band or orchestra at a cost of $50.00 if available. If school district instruments are still available, they will then be rented out at the 7th and 8th grades. By high school, students are expected to rent or own their own instruments as our district instrument inventory is limited. However, large string instruments such as the Bass or less common band instruments will be available to rent in a limited capacity from the school district.

Caution-Please do not be lured in by internet offers of cheap or inexpensive instruments! These instruments most often are of substandard quality and will either break easily and/or not be able to create any appropriate sound. (Please see the article on this in the back of the handbook)

Instrument rental fees from the School District are $50.00 per year. Students are expected to pay the rental fee and obtain their instrument prior to the start of each school year. Proper care of the instrument is expected and any damage repair and cleaning is to be paid by the renter.

Students are expected to have the correct instrument book for their particular music class. Music teachers will assign the appropriate level of music book. Books can be purchased at any of the community music stores. (Music store information is located at the back of the book)

All instruments are the responsibility of the student and must be cared for and kept in good playing condition. Mishandling or improper care resulting in repairs must be paid for by the pupil. All repairs are to be made upon the direction of the instructor.

District instruments should be used only in those organizations sponsored or approved of by the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District

All School District instruments must be returned cleaned to the instructor’s specifications and in good playing condition and inspected by the instructor by June 1st.

A signed bond which agrees to the rental conditions must accompany every instrument rental from the School District.