Recorders 4th & 5th Grade

The recorder is an introductory instrument that is used to teach students how to play musical notes to perform music. The recorders are also used to teach the students how to read and play music so they have a foundation when beginning Band class in the fifth grade. Recorders will be used throughout fourth and fifth grade General Music classes. Every fourth and fifth grade student is expected to have a recorder.

Recorders should have the student’s first and last name clearly marked on the instrument, case, strap and book. They will be stored in the Music classroom during the school year. This is to make sure that the student has their recorder for class and it is not left at home.

Care and cleaning of the recorder is as simple as either putting it through the dishwasher (without the dry cycle, as the recorder may melt) or spritzing it with Listerine and washing it and drying it thoroughly. If the recorder is not thoroughly dried, mold may form inside.