General Music

Course Description
All students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade participate in a thirty minute general music class twice a week. This course is designed to offer numerous opportunities for active participation and success. Students are regularly engaged in singing, playing instruments, moving to music, learning to read and notate music, creating music, and listening to, analyzing, and evaluating music and music performances. Students learn the basic principles of music such as Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Timbre/Tone Color, Musical Expression, Form, Vocal Skills, Instrumental Skills, Creating Music, Historical and Cultural Context, and Critical and Aesthetic Response.

Music is an art form through which feeling is expressed. Music adds quality to life as it promotes mental development and provides an outlet for emotional expression. It has motivating characteristics that inspire all people to appreciate some form or genre of music. Considering the intrinsic value of music, the primary purpose of music education is to contribute to the quality of life for all students by developing their capabilities to participate fully in a musical culture.

Music provides a powerful means of engaging students in learning and improving their achievement. Fundamental in a student's overall social, emotional, and cognitive development, music enhances reasoning, inspires creativity, and encourages critical thinking, self-discipline, problem-solving, decision-making, cooperation, and imagination. Music enables students to learn about themselves, other people, and humanity in general. Music education and literacy help to bolster students' academic studies.

Elementary general music enhances each child's education while simultaneously establishing an understanding and appreciation of this art form. The purpose of the program is to develop awareness that music is a vital part of each student's daily life. A comprehensive, well-planned, and logical sequence of developmentally appropriate experiences lead to clearly defined skills and knowledge to allow for exploration, cultural enrichment, and personal satisfaction.